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Community Involvement

O2EPCM understands the importance of giving BACK!

Photo with hand and a word cloud for VolunteerO2EPCM is committed to community involvement and giving back.  We  engage with several local organizations that raise funds for scholarships and internships. We also donate time to worthy causes, such as visiting seniors at the holidays, and working on food drives. Our Founder, CEO and President Omoné Livingston also mentors students interested in careers in the engineering and construction industry. She is passionate about changing lives in low-income communities by creating jobs and careers for individuals on welfare. It is her strong belief that this gives these individuals more responsibility and self-worth towards their independence in life.  

Here are a few examples of O2EPCM’s involvement in the community:

  • O2EPCM’s CEO is involved in the Architecture-Construction-Engineering (ACE) Mentorship program.
  • O2EPCM’s CEO regularly participates in local presentations aimed at educating and mentoring local disadvantaged youths and others interested in a career in STEM. 
  • O2EPCM is an active participant in the CMAA Southern California Foundation Chapter. Last year, O2EPCM sponsored a hole at the annual golf tournament. Funds went towards scholarships and to help fund internships.
  • O2EPCM regularly volunteers at the First AME Church of Los Angeles, and participates in their annual Hunger Walks, their annual Gift Drives, and their annual Convalescent Home Visits and Caroling at Christmas.
  • O2EPCM’s staff belong to several community organizations volunteering their time, and to help recruit and inform about opportunities with O2EPCM.
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First AME Church, Los Angeles  – Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

2021 Annual Hunger Walk

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First AME Church, Los Angeles  – Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

Annual Convalescent HomeVisits & Caroling at Christmas

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CMAA Golf Tournament – Raising funds for local college student scholorships and internships

A woman standing next to some boxes of christmas presents.

First AME Church, Los Angeles  – Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

Annual Orphans Christmas Gift Drive

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Mentorship

Architecture-Construction-Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program

A woman holding onto her golf club while standing next to a sign.

Omoné Livingston at the CMAA golf tournament in front of O2EPCM’s sponsored hole.